Welcome to Becoming a Great Change Leader Program

How This Program Works

On the following page you will begin the Becoming a Great Change Leader Program. Each lesson consists of a video lesson and questions for you to answer. The videos are a great tool to assist you in your success to becoming a Great Change Leader, so be sure to watch every one of them! The questions will solidify your knowledge on each topic, so be sure to answer all of them, also.

Once you answer each question and submit all your answers, you will receive an email with your answers for you to reference and use as needed. Please understand, there may be a short delay in email delivery (typically five to ten minutes). This is due to general propagation. If by chance you do not receive your email within the hour, be sure to email Tim at [email protected] so his people can get the disconnect solved immediately for you.

Even more, at the end of each page, you will see a spot for you to submit questions and comments to Tim. If you find yourself needing help, be sure to use this space to get Tim’s attention so he can help you.

The lesson titles are:

  1. Becoming a Great Change Leader
  2. The Process Side of Change
  3. The People Side of Change
  4. Why Change Leadership Is So Important

This program is designed for you to stay in order, because each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. However, you can move back and forth as many times as you need to for each lesson by using the buttons at the bottom of each page or the submenu at the top of each page.

Once you complete this program and identify the areas that are causing you and/or your organization problems, it is highly recommended for you to contact Tim at [email protected] to receive the assistance you need.