Tim Sparks

Tim Sparks is a Senior Certified Human Resources professional with over 20 years in HR. During his time in the HR profession, Tim has had the opportunity to work with some amazing people developing corporate programs like Change Management training and a very robust Mentoring program that kicked off his speaking career. Tim and his team developed a highly successful High-Potential Mentoring program for a Fortune 500 company that captured the attention of other companies and industries. Tim was asked to come and share the program highlights at state & local SHRM chapters and conferences throughout Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. Although Tim loved his work as an HR Business Partner, he had found his true passion in speaking & consulting – helping others reach their greatest potential. Before his career in HR, Tim was a teacher & principal for 15 years. When asked how he found his way from education to HR, he always remarks that the goal has always been the same – to help others achieve success in whatever goals they pursue. 

Tim would love to share that passion with your organization. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire, teach, and equip your audience or individualized consulting sessions that will develop the next generation of leaders in your company, we have what you need to succeed. 

Career Highlights

  • Teacher & School Principal for 15 years
  • HR Business Partner for multiple Fortune 500 companies including The Home Depot, Transamerica, and WestRock
  • Created corporate programs for Mentoring, Change Management, and Leadership Development & Team Building
  • Successful conference & keynote speaker for National, State, and Local organizations
  • Started Blue Ridge HR in 2012, providing training, consulting, and speaking opportunities for start-ups, very large companies, and everything in between

Speaking & Workshop Topics

  • Change Leadership

    Learn why most companies fail when it comes to change and how you can be a difference maker in your organization.

  • Mentoring as a Business Strategy

    Mentoring is a low cost; high ROI program that can be a game-changer in your organization.  Learn how to create a successful mentoring program to leverage talent and build future leaders.

  • Building a High-Performing Culture

    Set your organization apart by creating a culture that breeds high performers. Performance doesn’t just happen. You have to set the stage for your employees to succeed.

  • The Future of Performance Management

    The annual performance review is dead! Grieve and move on. Learn what the future holds for performance management in your organization.

  • Building Teams that Work

    Teams are how things get done. That means it is critically important to have the right team assembled in order to maximize results. Yet many teams are a homogeneous reflection of their leader. Learn what it takes to change that.

  • The Importance of Culture

    Culture drives everything! All the best strategic plans, values, and vision mean nothing if you don’t have the right culture in place. And there is no cookie-cutter formula or template for culture. It has to be unique to you and your organization.

“Tim is knowledgeable and an exceptional speaker. You always walk away with a wealth of knowledge that is immediately applicable to your organization! I highly recommend Tim!”
~ Hospital Executive

I have the pleasure of hearing Tim speak on multiple occasions. Whenever he speaks, he has the ability to draw you in and really focus on what he is saying. He speaks in relevant terms that any layman can comprehend and relate to. He is very good at thoroughly explaining whatever the related topic may be. He has a keen sense of understanding his target audience. Each time I have heard Tim speak, I am pumped up and leave with a sense of purpose!”
~ Customer Service Manager

“It has been a true blessing to have Tim work with our team at Transform International. His content on change leadership has helped many of our staff and entrepreneurial clients. Even more, we have recommended him to other companies, in which we always get a “thank you” for doing so.”
~ Founding CEO, Transform International


Tim’s Book, Your Journey to Becoming a Great Change Leader

The fact that you have picked up this book means you have a major change initiative coming up and you are looking for guidance, you have been part of a change initiative in the past that failed to accomplish its intended goal, or you are intrigued by the premise of becoming a Great Change Leader. In any case, I am honored you chose my book, and my hope is you will learn some things in it that will make the difference between change success and change failure for you and your organization.

Studies done 25 years ago on the effectiveness of organizations implementing change initiatives revealed that many are not particularly good at it. Actually, many were terrible at it. It showed that 70% of all change initiatives failed to accomplish their intended result. Since then, there have been thousands of books and articles written on the subject as well as seminars and classes taught to help business leaders navigate through organizational change. And with all those books and resources on the subject, we have moved the needle on this effort zip, nada, zero.

Studies today show that change initiatives still fail 70% of the time. There are undoubtedly many reasons for this—some obvious, and some not so obvious. The pace of business today moves at light speed and many leaders are impatient and willing to cut corners when it comes to doing things the right way. Others are lost, not even knowing where to start.

My approach to this subject is a bit different than most. Now let me be clear, I am not saying I have all the answers and you will be guaranteed success if you follow the plan set out in this book. But my emphasis, rather than focused on the process of change itself, is on you, the leader.

There are definite character traits and skills that set leaders apart who can successfully lead people through change. They are the 30% leaders—those who refuse to fall into the 70% failure rate. By focusing on you as a Great Change Leader, the attention now moves to people, rather than process. After all, it is the people who determine the success or failure of any change initiate. The best plans in the world are just words on a piece of paper without good people and great leaders to implement them.

I first fell in love with this topic when I was tapped to participate on a project team which was charged with developing a change management training program for a Fortune 500 company about eight years ago. I worked with some great team members and we created a great curriculum. I then had the privilege of traveling from site to site across the U.S. and Canada to train the leadership of the company in this program. It was through these encounters that I learned it was the leader and not the curricula that really made the difference between success and failure.

I began researching this topic on my own and I worked with business leaders across multiple industries to help them steer their companies through the sometimes choppy waters of organizational change; and I have seen some great accomplishments along the way. Sure, there have been some failures, too; but those are simply learning opportunities I get to pass on to you though this book.

I honestly believe you can learn what it takes to become a Great Change Leader and be a difference maker for your company. I also believe you do not have to be a high-level manager or leader in your organization to be a difference maker. Lead from where you are, and the higher-ups will notice.

So, let’s start our journey together. At the end of each section of this book, you will see a QR code that will take you to a video of me discussing the previous section and what you can expect in the next. So, you see, we truly are taking this trip together. Now let’s go change the world one team, one department, and one company at a time!

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