#1 He is a Senior Certified Human Resources Professional

With over twenty years experience, in Human Resources, Tim has enjoyed working with amazing people to develop programs and inspire, teach, and equip everyone he meets.

#2 He is a Professional Conference Speaker at Local, State, and National Conferences.

Tim has had the privilege of speaking at numerous local and state SHRM conferences across the U.S. as well as national industry conferences.

#3 He Developed Robust Corporate Training Programs.

As an HR Business Partner for several global Fortune 500 companies, Tim also developed training programs in Change Management, Performance Management, and a very robust Mentoring Program that kicked off his speaking career.

#4 He is Passionate About Speaking and Training.

Although being a natural introvert, Tim loves to speak to eager crowds and share his expertise to help participants achieve their greatest potential.

#5 He Was a Teacher and Principal Prior to His Career in HR.

Tim has taught everything from 5th grade to 400-level college courses and loves to be in the classroom. He especially loves that moment when a student finally “gets it” and has that light bulb moment of understanding.

#6 He Has Regularly Played Santa Clause at the Company Christmas Party.

For obvious reasons, Tim has played the role of Santa’s Helper each year at the annual company Christmas Party and enjoys bringing smiles to the faces of his employees’ children.

#7 He Has One True Goal

When asked how he found his way from education to HR, he always remarks that the goal has always been the same… to help others achieve success in whatever goals they pursue. 

#8 Tim is an Author

Tim worked with Transform Publishing to complete his long-term goal of writing his 280-page book, Your Journey to Becoming a Great Change Leader. Transform Publishing was so impressed with his work and him as a family man, that they hired his wife.

#9 Tim Won the Best Speaker Trophy

Tim entered a speaker’s contest that was hosted at the International Airport in Tampa, FL. Out of many speakers, Tim walked away with the crystal trophy, placing him as the #1 speaker for the event.

#10 Tim is Looking for You

Tim would love to share his passion with your organization. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire, teach, and equip your audience or individualized consulting sessions that will develop the next generation of leaders in your company, Tim has what you need to succeed. 

#1 He Rides a Motorcycle

Tim prefers the term “motorcycle enthusiast” rather than “biker” because he doesn’t fit the biker profile; but he loves to ride. It is his escape from day-to-day stresses, and he loves to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway near his home in North Carolina.

#2 He Paid His Way Through College by Singing in a Men’s Quartet

The college sent out ensembles to promote the school and Tim traveled the U.S. singing in churches and schools as a way to promote the college.

#3 He Has Been Told His Whole Life He Looks Like Steve Martin

Tim even did a pretty good impersonation in his younger days. Interestingly, Steve now lives in Tim’s area. One day Tim hopes to meet him and ask him if anyone has ever told him he looks like Tim Sparks.

#4 He is Shy

As a professional speaker who has presented in front of hundreds of people, it may surprise you that when Tim steps on stage, or into his role as a consultant to business leaders, he becomes a different person.

#5 He is a Beginner Woodworker

Tim loves to create things with his own hands. He has a workshop in his garage where he builds American Flag furniture and home décor.

#6 He Grew Up in Buffalo, NY

After Tim moved away, he couldn’t find any decent chicken wings, so he created his own wing sauce recipe that is world famous. (Okay, not really. But it’s really, really good.)

#7 He Fell Asleep in a Stranger’s Car

When Tim was two years old, he was playing in front of his house and saw a car that looked just like his grandfather’s car. Somehow he managed to crawl into the back seat and fall asleep. The owner of the car (not his grandfather) drove away without noticing him in there. When he finally found Tim, he didn’t know where he came from so he took him to the local police station. Meanwhile, Tim’s mother was frantic because he had disappeared. She called the police and they told her that he was safe & sound at the station.

#8 He Was a Teacher and School Principal for 15 Years

Before getting into the Human Resources field, Tim was a teacher and school principal for fifteen years. Now, when one of his employees feels like they’ve been sent to the principal’s office, in Tim’s case, it’s true.

#9 He Was a Church Youth Pastor

Tim was a church youth pastor for several years and traveled around the world taking young people on mission trips to places like the Philippines and Japan.

#10 Tim Once Had The Dubious Honor of Speaking at a Conference Right After Blair Underwood Spoke

Blair was once voted the sexiest man alive by People Magazine. Tim opened his presentation by stating that Tim had not, nor will he ever be voted the sexiest man alive. The place went crazy.

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“Tim is knowledgeable and an exceptional speaker. You always walk away with a wealth of knowledge that is immediately applicable to your organization! I highly recommend Tim!”
~ Hospital Executive

I have had the pleasure of hearing Tim speak on multiple occasions. When he speaks, he draws you in on what he is teaching. He has a keen sense of understanding his target audience. Each time I have heard Tim speak, I am pumped up and leave with a sense of purpose!”
~ Customer Service Manager

“It has been a blessing to have Tim work with our team. His content on change leadership has helped many of our staff and clients. We have recommended him to other companies, in which we always get a “thank you” for doing so.”
~ Founding CEO, Transform International

Career Highlights

  • Teacher & School Principal for 15 years
  • HR Business Partner for multiple Fortune 500 companies including The Home Depot, Transamerica, and WestRock
  • Created corporate programs for Mentoring, Change Management, and Leadership Development & Team Building
  • Successful conference & keynote speaker for National, State, and Local organizations
  • Started Blue Ridge HR in 2012, providing training, consulting, and speaking opportunities for start-ups, very large companies, and everything in between

Speaking & Workshop Topics

  • Change Leadership

    Learn why most companies fail when it comes to change and how you can be a difference maker in your organization.

  • Mentoring as a Business Strategy

    Mentoring is a low cost; high ROI program that can be a game-changer in your organization.  Learn how to create a successful mentoring program to leverage talent and build future leaders.

  • Building a High-Performing Culture

    Set your organization apart by creating a culture that breeds high performers. Performance doesn’t just happen. You have to set the stage for your employees to succeed.

  • The Future of Performance Management

    The annual performance review is dead! Grieve and move on. Learn what the future holds for performance management in your organization.

  • Building Teams that Work

    Teams are how things get done. That means it is critically important to have the right team assembled in order to maximize results. Yet many teams are a homogeneous reflection of their leader. Learn what it takes to change that.

  • The Importance of Culture

    Culture drives everything! All the best strategic plans, values, and vision mean nothing if you don’t have the right culture in place. And there is no cookie-cutter formula or template for culture. It has to be unique to you and your organization.